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International Journal of Food and Allied Sciences


title coverFood Science has recently emerged as a discipline of immense interest in developing countries especially the resource constrained economies of African and South Asian regions. More research has been focused on food and crops to boost up the economic conditions at individual and national levels. Seemingly, the publication of research results especially emanating from the labs of these countries is the most critical issue that entails the language barrier as well.
Additionally, research in relatively less developed countries of the world, focusing globalization and the food security, food safety and international trade, malnutrition, emerging technologies in food production and processing and new scientific exploration to meet global challenges of hunger and food shortage needs to be effectively disseminated to the global scientific communities for a more prosperous world. This does not however, imply that International Journal of Food and Allied Sciences (IJFAAS) will just focus the research from these regions instead it may attract the researchers and the readers from developed countries as well.
International journal of food and allied sciences” covers the study and exploitation of food features and its allied divisions in a broader spectrum which have current or potential industrial application in areas such as food science, technology, processing & preservation, food security and safety, nutrition, nutraceuticals, microbiology, chemistry & biochemistry, pharmaceutical

Vol 3, No 1: July 2017

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Makoto Muratsugu, Kaori Washino, Yoshiko Onchi, Akane Yamaguchi, Ayano Kumaki, Iori Shimooka, Megumi Nakanishi
Saad A Alkahtani, Samer S Abu-Alrub, Ashraf M Mahmoud
Ticiano Gomes do Nascimento, Euridice Farias Falcão, Maria Cristina Delgado da Silva, Josicleide Nascimento Oliveira Silvino, Pierre Barnabé Escodro, Washington Luis Félix Correia Filho, Zenaldo Porfírio da Silva, Sajjad Ali Khan, Muhammad Abbas
Seema ., Umesh Yadava


Rachel Warila, Rebecca Hoover